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“I want to be your personal Priority Coach,
showing you how to become aware of your life challenges in a new way,
shift your perspective and let go of blocks and limitations to enjoy life more.”
~ Kim




I’m on the road until the 29th, so you’ll find “future” pre-recorded broadcasts below as a bonus this month!


Why Strong ABS Help You Attain Any Goals Faster      Broadcasted 1/25/18  2:18 pm  Show #28


Technique for Laser Goal Setting: Get Specific      Broadcasted 1/25/18  9:05 am  Show #27


Using “One Rabbit” Tools: The A-B-C Columns      Broadcasted 1/23/18  2:18 pm  Show #26


Overview of Goal Setting Shows and “One Rabbit” Focus      Broadcasted 1/23/18  9:05 am  Show #25


Trust the Change Process      Broadcasted 1/18/18  2:18 pm  Show #24


Beware Sabotage From Others      Broadcasted 1/18/18  9:05 am  Show #23


Remove Distractions and Soft Addictions      Broadcasted 1/16/18  2:18 pm  Show #22


Create a Goal Plan-There is No Magic Wand!      Broadcasted 1/16/18  9:05 am  Show #21


Visualizing Your Goals      Broadcasted 1/11/18  2:18 pm  Show #20


Thoughts & Belief Ceilings      Broadcasted 1/11/18  9:05 am  Show #19


Visualizing Your Goals      Broadcasted 1/9/18  2:18 pm  Show #18


Write Your New Year’s Goals Down      Broadcasted 1/9/18  9:05 am  Show #17

– See Blog post Why Your Brain Needs a Clear Written Plan for Your Goals


Reminder to Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s after the Holidays      Broadcasted 1/4/18  2:18 pm  Show #16


Dr. DeClutter’s Holiday Decoration Storage Tips      Broadcasted 1/4/18  9:05 am  Show #15


Dr. DeClutter’s Tips on Undecorating and Donating      Broadcasted 1/2/18  2:18 pm  Show #14


Happy New Year! And, Letting All Go of that which is Not Supportive      Broadcasted 1/2/18  9:05  Show #13

– See Blog post 6 Things to Stop to Get Your Life Back Now

Happy New Year!


Dr. DeClutter Talks About Letting Go of Clutter      KRDO “Extra” Live Interview with Ted Robertson Broadcasted 12/28/17

Kim Wolinski, “Dr. DeClutter” and Ted Roberston KRDO – Live Interview 12-18-17


Gratitude, the Ultimate Stress Reliever      Broadcasted 12/28/17  2:18 pm  Show #12


Make Peace with the Past Year Now      Broadcasted 12/28/17  9:05 am  Show #11


Holiday and Family Forgiveness      Broadcasted 12/26/17  2:18 pm  Show #10


PrePlan 2018 from 2017 Holiday Experiences      Broadcasted 12/26/17  9:05 am  Show #9


Merry Christmas!


Food, Drink and Taking Care of Your Nutrition During the Holidays      Broadcasted 12/21/17  2 pm  Show #8


Holidays and Family Expectations      Broadcasted 12/21/17  9 am  Show #7


Holiday Traditions      Broadcasted 12/19/17  2 pm  Show #6


Loss and Grief During the Holidays      Broadcasted 12/19/17  9 am  Show #5


Holiday Expectations      Broadcasted 12/14/17  2 pm  Show #4


Holiday Gift Buying and Budgeting      Broadcasted 12/14/17  9 am  Show #3


Holiday Stress, What To Do?      Broadcasted 12/12/17  2 pm  Show #2


Stress, the Overview      Broadcasted 12/12/17  9 am     Welcome, to Show #1!

– See Blog post How to Relax and Focus When You Feel Stressed



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